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    Posted on January 31st, 2014

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    Your Honeymoon Is The Trip Of A Lifetime

    Honeymoon Trip Of A LifetimeEnjoy It!

    “Where shall we go for our Honeymoon?”, is the question you’ve probably asked each other. There is an overwhelming amount of information that you can look into not to mention a huge choice of thousands of honeymoon resorts and destinations.

    Perfect honeymoons aren’t just wished for. They need to be planned very carefully. The more you do your honeymoon homework together, the more romantic and fun it will be. Continue Reading…

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    Planning Your Dream Honeymoon

    Dream HoneymoonAs your honeymoon will probably be one of the single most expensive elements of your wedding, it’s essential that you both get exactly what you want. This is one holiday you don’t want to be disappointed with.

    Firstly, it’s important to choose a honeymoon destination a that’s either completely new to both of you or somewhere you’ve been together before and have special memories of. If only one of you has been there, especially if it was with an ex-partner, then you’ll only end up comparing it to your last visit and that’s the last thing you’re loved one wants to hear about sitting on the bed at your honeymoon hotel. Continue Reading…

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    Wedding Guest Favors

    Wedding Guest FavorsFor over a thousand years, it’s been tradition to show gratitude to our guests for sharing this special event with us. Guest gifts are often something personal, a trinket to remind them of you and your wedding day. Favors have ranged from small, inexpensive edible items to lavish expensive jewels and precious gems.

    Whether you choose to spend a little or a lot, you can personalize your guests’ memorabilia to fit the theme and mood of your celebration.
    Consider first, whether you want your gift to go home with the guest and be cherished or if it will be a consumable item, such as candy, gourmet food or drink.

    Seasonal Items

    After you’ve established a budget and theme, consider the season in which the reception is scheduled. If you are in February you may use Valentine items such as hearts and chocolates, for summer consider sun glasses, sun screen or beach balls, for fall use plastic pumpkins filled with candy corn.


    Everyone loves special gourmet treats, personalize any selection with a ribbon embossed with your names and wedding date. If you like sweets try a small box of chocolates or gourmet jelly beans. Or consider a container of mixed nuts or even a small bottle of wine or beer with specially made labels of your design. You may even choose to compliment the beverage with a specially engraved beer mug or wine glass.

    Stink It Up

    People are drawn in with their senses, try taking them by the nose. Give them a sachet of potpourri, small vials of perfume or cologne, scented candles or perfumed soaps. Personalize these with a custom wrapper, tag or ribbon. The soaps can even be stamped with your names..


    If you want your guests to take something home with them that they can use on a regular basis and remember your special day, try something pragmatic. You can custom engrave wine bottle openers, key chains, money clips, music boxes, or even a picture frame … include your engagement/wedding dates, if you like. You can find all kinds of engraving ideas doing a search on Yahoo.

    Generosity Is A Gift

    Make donations to a favorite cause or causes honoring your marriage and print up a note card or all different note cards for your guests to read about the charity. One fun variation of this is to choose the maximum number of chairs you will have at any table and choose that many charities to donate to.

    Have each place setting have a different charitable donation to read about. It gives people who are otherwise strangers something fun to talk about. You can even make the donations in your guest’s names if you have the time to do the work.

    Give The Gift Of Life

    Consider flowers, plants or small shrubs or trees as gifts. One possibility is something your guests can take home and replant in their garden. This gift idea is best used in spring or summer planting season, or winter if the plant will do well in a pot for a few months. This would work especially well if it were to complement a gift such as a lawnmower they have already received

    Choose this gift bearing in mind regional weather and climate. Present these in pretty, possibly antique pots. Other ideas are a corsage or boutonniere, packets of seeds, flower bulbs, tropical lei or a single rose. Your local florist can also design centerpieces that separate so that each guest can take home a part with a partial bouquet, small plant, or potted flower.

    Document The Love

    Give your guests the opportunity to journal the event and their experience to remember forever. Give them black books, journals, fancy note pads or small calendars and jazz up the gift with a nice pen, mechanical pencil or art marker.

    Party’s On

    If you’re a little wilder than the straight-laced traditional stuff, try something youthful and fun. Set your tables with silly string, bubbles, or any type of toy or small game. These also give your friends and family the opportunity to play together and have some fun while getting to know each other.

    Whatever you choose, make it memorable and make it personal. Have the gift items represent your personalities and lifestyles…

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    7 Wedding Flower Centerpiece Ideas

    wedding outdoor flower centerpiecesIf you don’t want any of these negative thoughts to happen and just wanted only the positive feedbacks from your guests, what you need is to think of the best wedding flower centerpiece ideas you could think. To help you get started, here are some of the best ideas in creating the most gorgeous table centerpieces for your wedding reception.

    Size of the Table is Important

    Your table centerpiece must be proportional to the size of tables of your reception. For a small table of around 6 to 8 seats, a small table centerpiece will provide the color you wanted for the table. Small rounded table are ideal for every reception since it occupies less space than square tables. Keep also the shape of the table. If you are using outdoor furniture, it’s a good idea to make sure the table is washed thoroughly using a pressure sprayer of some kind.

    Use Mirrors to extend the Impact of your Centerpiece

    Mirrors can spread the color of your centerpiece throughout the table by placing a small mirror under your table centerpieces or floral arrangements. So you can double the overall impact of your table centerpieces without even making them large. Most florists and rental companies often include this in their package free of charge.

    Too Tall Centerpiece is not a Good Idea

    Too tall flowers such as candelabras might look beautiful, but not that practical. Too tall table centerpiece might be too annoying for the guests as they are prevented from seeing the celebration clearly. As a rule of thumb, never create a table centerpiece with a height above the head of your guests. It will be a big distraction no matter how gorgeous it is.

    It’ s not the Centerpiece Alone

    If your table cover is already beautiful, then you don’t need to spend too much for your table centerpieces. Instead, you can just sprinkle some confetti or glitters of your wedding colors to your tablecloth. A naturally lovely table setting demands only a simple table centerpiece.

    Add a variation

    Create a variation for your centerpieces, about 2 or 3 styles will do. Every table on the reception area does not necessarily to be identical all the time. Variations in the style and color of centerpieces could to the interest and spice of your wedding reception.

    Table Centerpiece does not Means Flowers

    While most of table centerpieces used flowers, there are still more options other than flowers. All you need to do is be creative. Fruits or even candles can make up a beautiful centerpiece together with flowers. Or maybe something that you or your husband is fond of; be it baseball memorabilia or angel figurines etc. there’s nothing wrong from being unique. You might consider these alternatives to your wedding flower centerpiece ideas.

    Framed Photo of the Couple

    For some this may look like corny, but this can be considered to be the most romantic centerpiece. You may put framed pictures of yours in a vacation for example (just put up a caption about those memorable moments). You can out this together with the table number for example. Not only that your guests will be entertained, you also might be emotional while reminiscing those days.

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    Planning a Beach Wedding?

    Planning a Beach WeddingHow Do You Choose the Best Photographer?

    After sayings your “I do’s” during the wedding ceremony, after the guests have taken part in your sumptuous wedding dinner, after your best buddies have partied down to their heart’s content in their finest formal dresses during the wedding reception and once the honeymoon is finally over – all that you will have left to remember your wedding is the pictures, and your friends may, or (may not) want to remember how good (or bad) they looked in their sexiest evening dresses on that momentous occasion.

    This is exactly the reason why one of the most important tasks that you have as a couple is to decide which photographer to go with. Let’s say that you are planning to hold a casual yet still romantic wedding by the beach. How will you choose the best photographer who will capture the most important moments on your big day? Read on to find out.

    Photo journalistic or Traditional Style?

    Basically, the first thing that you need to look for is a photographer who specializes in beach weddings. In an indoor setting, it is much easier for a photographer to capture the romantic mood – but to do that in an outdoor setting like the beach is an entirely different matter. It takes a certain amount of skill to be able to take professional-looking photos during the sunset – or catch the after-party mood on the reception.

    Now, there are two styles that a beach photographer may have: the photo journalistic style or the traditional style. For the traditional style, the couple and the guests may be asked to pose so that the wedding photos will turn out great.

    On the other hand, there are photographers who use the photo journalistic style – or a series of candid pictures which tell a story. No matter which of these two styles you prefer, the important thing is to choose a photographer whose work you like the best. This way, you can rest assured that the photos for your beach wedding will be something that even the future generations in your family will ooh and ahh over.

    A Final Word about Choosing a Beach Wedding Photographer

    At the end of the day, choosing a wedding photographer – whether it’s a ceremony held by the beach or within the confines of a church – is all a matter of following your gut instinct.

    After considering practical aspects like the price of the package and the availability of the wedding photographer – the most important factor in making the final decision is if the photographer’s past work on weddings was able to touch your heart.

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    Destination Wedding Invitation Wording

    Destination Wedding Invitation WordingPersonalized, fun and exciting, destination weddings are one of the most exciting celebrations to look forward to – either as the couple-to-be or as guests. For the couple-to-be, the destination wedding invitation wording should be memorable, fun, personalized and with a promise of an exciting side vacation as well for everyone.

    Although some opt to follow the tried and tested traditional wedding invitation set of etiquette, others go for the upbeat and the fun way in inviting their friends and relatives to such a non-traditional marriage ritual. The only problem is the wording.

    Wording tips

    However cute your destination wedding invitation wording is, the points to include are

    (1) the exciting things about the location of choice by mentioning two or three things, and,

    (2) how important is your guest’s presence to you.

    The way you say it should describe the level of fun that the place can give. Stressing the importance of your guest’s presence in the occasion is significant because that would also make him or her feel the magnitude of your friendship.

    The most important things, however, are the details of the basic information your guest needs to know. These include the time, date, and place of the ceremony proper.


    Of course, you can always add your own personal humor the way your friends knew you.

    You can have the design personalized further the way you want it, with the overall concept of fun for everyone. Remember, your destination wedding invitation wording should reflect you (and your partner), and not just anyone.

    The others would be on the details of their hotels if you reserve rooms for them and the reception after the wedding, if any. (There are couples who had their destination weddings at their favorite places with only close friends and relatives, but with grand receptions back home afterwards.)

    Added tips

    Even if destination weddings tend to be informal, with digital keyboards playing the wedding march rather than a church organ, your destination wedding invitation wording still needs some etiquette pointers. This is to impress on your guests that the occasion is important and significant even if you and your partner decide to have some fun to go with it.

    The first would be the rule that each person and place (names, cities, streets, etc) are addressed and spelled out in full and correctly. The opening should show the host of the occasion (your parents or those of your partner) and that the inner envelope should be addressed to the recipient by first name. If necessary, make sure you include information about the dress code, whether this includes formal or more casual wear. If it’s on a beach, you will probably want to opt for more informal wear.

    Last notes

    Lastly, this pointer is on timing and completely way out of your destination wedding invitation wording dilemma. In case you forget, your destination wedding invitation should be sent at least more than the usual allotted six weeks in sending regular invitations.

    The thinking is that your guest needs a longer time to prepare going to a destination wedding at some place than to a regular one.

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    Is a Cruise Right for You?

    Is a Cruise Right for YouMany honeymooners are deciding that taking a cruise is the best value for their money. Whether you’re looking for a trip through the Greek Isles or along the Alaskan coast, it’s a great way to visit several destinations for one, often very affordable, price. Here’s a look at some popular destinations and cruise lines.

    Just like the all-inclusive vacation, the Caribbean is by far the most popular choice for honeymoon couples to take a cruise. From the sandy beaches of Jamaica to the crescent-shaped string of the Virgin Islands, a Caribbean cruise promises the very best in tropical luxury. For couples on the West Coast, cruises to Hawaii and Mexico are becoming more and more popular. If these options don’t tickle your fancy, don’t forget that cruise ships travel all over the globe, so finding a line that will take you where your heart desires isn’t difficult. So if you want to cruise the Greek Isles, the fjords of Norway or the New England coast you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.

    Once you’ve decided where to go, you need to determine who will get you there. Some cruise lines offer competitive packages, including airfare to the point of embarkation and activities at each port. Here are just a few of the cruise lines that can make your honeymoon on the high seas a special one.

    Princess Cruise Lines sails honeymooners anywhere. Popular destinations include the romantic warm water ports in the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Hawaii and the Mediterranean. While Norwegian Cruise Lines hosts many newlyweds traveling to the eastern Caribbean, as well as Bermuda and Mexican ports. The Orient Lines adventure-packed exotic cruises to Africa, Australia, Asia and the South Pacific. Holland America sends couples all over the high seas, in luxury and style. Most cruises are affordable but the costs can skyrocket to over $4000 per person depending on your destination and length of the cruise.

    A cost-effective alternative a little closer to home might be a Delta Queen Steamboat Co. cruise. You sail down the Mississippi River from the northern point of Minneapolis/St. Paul all the way south to New Orleans. They offer many packages, including Dixieland, Kentucky Derby and Old South deals. Or you if you’re feeling adventurous a Windjammer “Barefoot Cruise” may be just the thing. It’s like camping on the ocean, except there will be no crossbow hunting involved! Before you decide on a cruise line, be sure and do your homework. Ask around and see if any of your friends or family have taken a cruise they really enjoyed. If you like to keep fit, make sure you investigate the standard of gym. There should be all modern equipment from the best rowing machines to bikes, treadmills and cross trainers.

    Always make your arrangement through a reputable travel agent and confirm what you’re getting for the price. That way you won’t be surprised and have to spend your honeymoon in a stateroom the size of a locker.

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    How to Plan Honeymoon Cruises

    Honeymoon CruiseWith so many options facing you, it is easy to become confused or overwhelmed by all the choices when booking a honeymoon cruise. The following tips are here to make it easier for you to plan your honeymoon cruise.

    When you speak to your travel agent, make sure you inform her that this is a honeymoon cruise. Cruise lines are keen to attract newlyweds and will offer many incentives, including gifts or discounts.

    First, decide where you would like to visit. Honeymoon cruises in the Caribbean are popular, especially to the sun worshipers out there, but there are literally hundreds of different locations for honeymoon cruises throughout the world. Considering your options carefully will ensure that you have a unique experience.

    Decide how big you want the vessel to be. There are all sizes of vessels available for honeymoon cruises, from huge passenger ships with thousands of passengers to smaller yachts with only a few dozen passengers. Do you want to share the cruise with the population of a small town, or are you looking for a more private setting? Bear in mind that smaller vessels may be prone to more turbulence during storms or heavy winds, which can make some people nauseous or nervous, so sea legs help here. Larger vessels can include more facilities for people on a honeymoon cruise – however, some people compare the experience to honeymooning in a mall! Bare these points in mind when you make your decision.

    Honeymoon cruises most often do not include bar expenses in the ticket price. Similarly there are other items such as gift and souvenir shops, excursions and other activities which you will need to fund separately. Keep these costs in mind when you book your honeymoon cruise.

    Most tourists prefer not to carry cash for the sake of their personal security. If you do, you might want to bring along your own safe for valuables and cash. On a honeymoon cruise, you will typically have a shipboard account to cover your expenses. Remember that you are spending real money, even if you can’t see it!

    When you pack for your cruise, make sure you bring any needed formal wear. Although most of the time will be spent dressed casually or in swimwear, most cruises include at least one night of formal entertainment, and dress codes are usually enforced. Also bear in mind that in many other countries local people dress conservatively and expect visitors to do the same. In short, ensure you bring a variety of clothing.

    By far the most important thing is to make sure you have a plan in place before departing. This way you will be prepared in advance and all you’ll need to do is relax and enjoy your honeymoon cruise!

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    Looking for a different kind of honeymoon? Try an adventure-moon, which captures the spirit of adventure and is perfect for the couple longing to rappel a mountain or take a Tuscan food tour.

    A relatively new trend, adventuremoons are catching on because they are unique and can be easily tailored to tastes. “This kind of honeymoon seems to fit couples who can’t fathom sitting on a beach for ten days and couples who are well traveled with more disposable income,” says Howard Green, CEO of MoonRings, a travel company that specializes in romantic excursions.

    MoonRings categorizes the trips they plan for their clients into hard and soft adventure. “The hard adventure is for folks looking to shoot class five rapids and willing to rough it to do so,” says Green. “However, we tend to get more couples interested in tamer types of adventure. They’ll get dirty during the day truffle hunting in Italy but will want to retire for the evening to a lovely villa with all the amenities,” he adds.

    The possibilities for this type of adventuremoon are endless. Green mentions such outside-the-box trips like guided star gazing tours atop a volcano in Hawaii; shark and ray feeding in French Polynesia; elephant safaris with trail cameras in Thailand, and olive oil mill tours in Spain. “Our focus is on the more exotic getaways,” says Green.

    With the average cost of a honeymoon weighing in at $4,000, an adventure-moon, which tends to run more, is still not out of the financial realm of possibility for many couples. “Primary factors that influence cost are accommodations, transportation, and length of stay,” says Green. Even in the most exotic locations, a couple can stay at a no-frills inn or even cut costs camping in a tent with a comfy air mattress under the stars..

    And for the couple interested in a unique experience closer to home or caught short planning a last-minute honeymoon, all is not lost.

    Here are some suggestions for perfect mini-moons and tasteful tokens to keep the memories alive:

    Dude Ranches

    They offer everything from horseback riding and fly-fishing to hot tubs and massages. And when it’s time to ride off into the sunset, surprise your new husband with a masculine, personalized zippo lighter.

    Santa Fe

    An interesting destination that will mix the cultural, the outdoors, and comfortable hotel accommodations. Once there, light up your loved one’s eyes with a personalized travel candle that you packed for moments just like this.

    Driving the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

    It offers breathtaking scenery and some fantastic resorts en route. Take along some gourmet chocolate truffles. One on her pillow before retiring each night should produce some sweet results.

    The Urban Honeymoon

    Just right for suburbanites short on time but long on desire. Cities like New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, even Quebec are great picks, but there are others. The idea is to choose a city not so far from home to cut down on travel time. Set the mood for you and your sweetie with a love CD card. It’s sure to strike just the right note.

    The Countryside Honeymoon

    Getaways to Martha’s Vineyard or the Napa Valley will resonate for couples looking to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday city lives. And though you may not be able to make it stand still, you can give your love the gift of time with a Swiss Military Watch.

    The Beach

    Locations like southern Florida, southern California, Mexico and the Caribbean are good bets. And forget the expensive jewelry. Instead ask your honey to buy you a toe ring (maybe two) for long, romantic walks in the sand.

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    Honeymoon On A Budget

    Budget HoneymoonAre you dreaming of Fiji but have a Florida budget? If your credit card needs a vacation more that you do, research and early planning may end up gettting you the honeymoon of your dreams. Cheaply.

    A Stateside Destination.

    Choose a honeymoon destination you can reach by car and save yourself a ton of cash. If you’re within reasonable distance, you can still vacation abroad by finding romantic locations in both the Canadian mountains and Mexican beaches. And, there are plenty of beautiful spots here in the Homeland that are worth honeymooning: Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Cape Cod, Yellowstone, or Miami, just to name a few.

    Pinch your pennies – just a couple.

    A well-known budgeting tip is to cut out one item per day that you spend money on, stash it away, and watch it pile up. Cut out the gourmet coffee or make your own espressos and you’re saving up to $4.00 a pop. Bring your lunch to work and that saves up to $50 a week (or more). These are only a couple of ideas that could add up to 70 extra dollars a week.


    For the nature-loving couple, there are 48 National Parks in the U.S. and literally hundreds of state parks and forests that are perfect for an outdoor camping honeymoon. Some parks even offer cabin rentals that are still much less expensive than any hotel. With a little research you might find a more-than-suitable honeymoon plan where you and your honey can spend romantic nights under the Milky Way.

    United States Exotic Islands.

    Well, almost. For a little more cash you can splurge on a bed and breakfast on one of these remote, romantic islands that are also domestic: the barrier islands off the coast of Georgia and Alabama, the beautiful quiet beaches of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, or the old-fashioned hotels and harbor of California’s Catalina Island are all romantic getaways that won’t break the bank.

    When to go.

    Avoiding peak vacation times and the crowds and rates that go along with them is going to save you more than money. To save yourself precious dollars on planefare and room costs, avoid taking your honeymoon from June through the beginning of September (summer vacation time) and January through March (if you’re going somewhere tropical, that’s prime getaway time for Northerners). If you’re getting married during one of these high-traffic vacation seasons, then take a couple of days to go somewhere close and romantic right after the wedding, and then save your money for the off-peak extravaganza you’ve been waiting for.

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    Honeymoon Packages

    Honeymoon PackageYou should make sure you know the answer to these questions:

    Do we want to get married in the same place as our honeymoon?

    Many people decide to get married at the destination of their honeymoon. This lends itself to smaller weddings, with only a few (or no) guests, so it is not for everyone. Benefits include not having to pack and run off to the airport after the wedding to embark on your honeymoon package.

    Do we want to go to around the world or honeymoon in state?

    Obviously your budget will dictate how far you can go.

    Can we afford to splurge?

    Your honeymoon package should be the trip of your lifetime. This is the time to pull out all the stops on all the luxuries and activities you’ll want to remember for years to come. Just make sure you can afford it.

    Sunbathing or Snow Shoes?

    Decide your honeymoon package destination based on your favorite climate. Whenever you marry, there will be some place in the world that has something to offer you, from snowy mountains to sun kissed beaches.

    Activities or Relaxation?

    Are you both sporty types, or do you prefer to relax when on vacation? Maybe you might want to learn a new activity that you can join together, such as sailing, sky-diving, etc. Whatever your taste, there will be honeymoon packages to suit you

    Package deal or Tailor Made Honeymoon?

    From cruises to honeymoon packages, to all-inclusive resorts or or exclusive tailor made vacations, there are several different options to choose from, all of which have benefits to offer you. Choose one that matches your expectations.

    Cruises make it easy for you. The ship is your home, and all meals are provided for you. Almost all activities are included in the cost. When deciding on a cruise, there are a couple of points to consider. Are there tables for two? If there is a particular port of call you are keen to explore, will the ship be stopping there long enough for you to see all the sights? Make sure you read the brochures carefully.

    Honeymoon packages are put together by hotels, airlines and tour wholesalers and are designed with romance in mind. When booking a hotel, you should always check to see if there are any special packages or deals for honeymooners.

    Inclusive resorts are another option for you to consider. They include many activities and in some cases even bar charges. They may also include the hire of sports equipment and the use of a personal coach (in the case of a more “hands on” activity based package). Check the small print or consult with your travel agent to make sure you are aware of what exactly is included in the price. For instance some honeymoon packages may not include the airfare.

    If you have your heart set on something special or unique, your travel agent should be able to help you put together a unique honeymoon package that includes all your dreams.

    What are your dreams and fantasies?

    Before you finally decide on what you will be doing, you need to know exactly what it is that you both want! Then it is your job to make it all happen.

    Perfect honeymoons are not something that just spontaneously appear. They don’t just happen. It is down to you to plan it – together. On the other hand, neither you nor your partner want to feel like they are going through the motions, or racing against the clock to make it through a list of “to do”s.

    Planning is all about sitting down and working out the perfect “illusion” or dream honeymoon package, and then making it real. If done properly, everything will fall into place and it will seem effortless.

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    Honeymoon Travel

    Honeymoon Couple Strolling on BeachTraveling on your honeymoon is a trip of the lifetime, so you want to make sure you prepare for it thoroughly. Honeymoon travel requires you to make different preparations depending on where you are going, so you need to do your research. These tips will help you do your research.

    Make a list of romantic honeymoon travel destinations.

    Make a list of honeymoon travel destinations with your partner. Discuss the places you have always wanted to visit, the places you both consider romantic. Set a budget for your honeymoon travel. Ensure that you will both enjoy the trip.

    Check the weather

    Tropical honeymoon travel locations have a stable climate, which means that the weather is the same all year round. If you plan to travel elsewhere on your honeymoon, make sure you know what the weather will be like when you arrive so that you are not disappointed and that you pack appropriate clothes.

    Consider any travel related rewards your credit card may have.

    These days, many credit cards reward you with points that you can use to get a discount on your honeymoon travel. This can help you save money that you can then enjoy while on honeymoon. Bear this in mind, especially if you have a job that requires you to travel a lot.

    Book your tickets

    There are lots of bargains on the Internet for honeymoon travel. Usually, these deals are only available for a short time, so you will need to act fast if you want to save the most. Also, many of these deals are non-refundable, so you need to be sure of the date. Even if these “last minute” deals are not of any use to you (i.e. you may be planning months ahead), you should still shop around and find the best honeymoon travel deal. Some travel agents offer special packages for honeymoon travel.

    Rent a Car

    Assuming you intend to leave your hotel room, a car is a must. Honeymoon travel can take you to places that you want to explore, but you will wear out a lot of shoes if you insist on walking everywhere! While you are hiring your car, you should consider getting insurance to cover you for the duration of your honeymoon travel – your existing insurance almost certainly will not cover you in the case of an accident, so check your policy and see what your broker (or the car hire company) has to offer.

    International Driving Permit

    Your driving license does not necessarily permit you to drive abroad, so you should apply for an international driving permit (which you can get from the AAA). Honeymoon travel will likely take you to places where you need cars to get around.

    Reserve a hotel

    A tip for you when planning your honeymoon travel is to remember to mention to the hotel staff that you are on your honeymoon. The same applies when you check into the hotel. Many hotels offer special gift to honeymooning couples, such as a bottle of champagne or gift basket. Honeymoon travel is nicer with free gifts!

    Apply for your Passport and Visa

    Honeymoon travel abroad requires a valid passport and visa. Check that your passport is still valid, and apply for a new one at least eight weeks before you intend to travel. This allows time for the processing of your application and any complications that could occur.

    Write a honeymoon travel “packing list”

    That’s right, make a list now, before it’s time to pack! The last thing you want is to go off on your honeymoon travel and find out that you forgot to pack something that you’ll need! Many of the everyday necessities that you will need day to day will be available at your hotel (in most countries). However, you will want to make sure you bring any extra items such as sun screen, motion sickness medicine, etc. Also, you may want to bring romantic items such as bath candles, lingerie etc.

    Plan to Spend!

    Will you be using Traveler’s Checks or credit cards? A good honeymoon travel rule is not to carry large sums of money with you; a Traveler’s check can be canceled if it is stolen, as can a credit or debit card. If you are going to be using a credit card, make sure it is accepted in the countries your honeymoon travel will take you to.

    Make sure you have a sound plan that covers all the basics as well as all the activities and dreams that you want to experience and your honeymoon travel will be stress free!

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    What’s So Different About A Honeymoon?

    Special Honeymoon RelationshipHoneymoons mark the beginning of a special new relationship.

    Traditionally after the wedding the married couple is going for a wedding trip. Nowadays we are used to calling this period of married life the “honeymoon”. The “sweet” name “honeymoon” takes its origin from ancient times. It is very interesting that the same idiom is used in most countries because most people all over the world associate the beginning of the married life with honey.

    And it doesn’t even matter that there is no perfect marriage, the couple should always try to do their best not to let the fly get into ointment; it is hard to build good family relationships as well as to build good honeycombs. Step by step you will make your home, your relationships, and start gathering the honey and reap the harvest of your work and efforts. But during the honeymoon the couple doesn’t want to think about this- the main thing is that they are together.

    This month the couple starts their mutual family life, and each of them is full of positive illusions and expectations related to the future of the family. And as a rule their expectations during this period are answerable. Now it doesn’t matter if this is their first experience of marriage, if they lived together before or they were married once already, they start their life “from a blank page”; they love each other and want to spend as much time together as possible.

    So now after several months of endless wedding problems and worries the young couple has the right to forget everything unimportant and temporary and fully enjoy their happiness.

    Everything new must start from the positive feeling, that’s why it is better to leave for a while the every-day life, relatives and friends and give the maximum of attention to each other. Maybe your future life will completely depend on your relationships during this very month, the time of new emotions and new knowledge, which determines the base of their future family life, starts.

    Honeymoon is the time of getting accustomed to each other, the time of the showing the real deep feelings to each other. As a rule, young men have the physical attraction (biological) as the dominant, but young women – psychological (personal). That’s why during the honeymoon, when your feelings to each other are especially deep, each person of the couple must try to completely satisfy the partner, forget about any selfishness, be more attentive and careful to the partner, and focus on the new mutual feelings and emotions, which will play an important role in the status of the future life of the married couple. And the best place to test the new feelings is a trip.

    No doubt, the honeymoon is absolutely different from any regular trip. First of all this is the continuation of those wonderful moments when you still feel that happiness, that’s why such a trip cannot be similar to other trips. Second, such a trip is full of different events. A beach or a wood, a city or a village – everything must harmonize and answer your feelings and the requirements of your inner world.